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Main feed

Main feed - Updates on news, reports and events



Nick Faith - Director of Communications


Better Public Services Project

Sean Worth - Head of the Better Public Services Project


Crime & Justice Unit

Max Chambers - Head of Crime & Justice


Charlotte McLeod - Crime & Justice Research Fellow


Digital Government Unit

Eddie Copeland - Head of Digital Government


Sarah Fink - Digital Government Research Fellow


Cameron Scott - Research Assistant


Economics & Social Policy Unit

Ruth Porter - Head of Economic & Social Policy


Guy Miscampbell - Economics & Social Policy Research Fellow


Education & Arts Unit

Jonathan Simons - Head of Education


Annaliese Briggs - Education Research Fellow


Environment & Energy Unit

Guy Newey - Head of the Environment & Energy Unit


Katherine Drayson - Environment & Energy Research Fellow


Simon Moore - Environment & Energy Research Fellow


Regulatory Policy Project

Simon Less - Senior Consultant to Policy Exchange, Regulatory Policy