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  • The Fog of Law

    The Fog of Law, co-authored by Tom Tugendhat and Laura Croft, shows how the application of civilian norms to military conduct has led to a surge in legal claims against the Ministry of Defence (MOD).  The costs of litigation have now risen out of proportion with forecasts, with the number of claims brought against the MOD totalling 5,827 in 2012-2013.

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    Juridification of the armed forces
  • Gove announces creation of Due Diligence Unit

    Education Secretary Michael Gove announced the creation of a Due Diligence Unit within the DfE tasked with ensuring that extremist religious views are not taught in schools. This is a direct adoption of a recommendation from Policy Exchange 2010 report Faith Schools We Can Believe In.

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    Extremism in Schools
  • Rt Hon Ken Clarke MP on the Justice & Security Bill

    Policy Exchange was delighted to host Rt Hon Ken Clarke MP, Minister without Portfolio, to deliver a keynote speech on the upcoming Justice & Security Bill.

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    Justice & Security Bill
  • Jim Murphy launches Labour's defence review

    Rt Hon Jim Murphy MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Defence, launched Labour's defence policy review at Policy Exchange today. After the event he took part in an interview setting out the questions that will inform the review and what they will mean for defence investment.

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    Jim Murphy interview

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  • 11 November 2013 | Marine A must face justice, but the law has its limits in warfare

    • Writing in a column for the Daily Telegraph, Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, references our recent report Fog of Law arguing that while Marine A must face justice, if every act of war is subject to legal challenge, then we will not only lose our ability to fight a war, we will lose our instinctive understanding of what a war crime really is.

  • 07 November 2013 | Human rights laws are 'are risk to the army,' says former defence chief

    • Following a debate in the House of Lords on the vulnerability of the armed forces from human rights litigation, the Evening Standard highlights our recent report Fog of Law which warned that the military is at risk of 'paralysis' from litigation.

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