Policing 2020: What should policing in England & Wales look like in 2020?

07 November 2012 08:00

Policing 2020: What should policing in England & Wales look like in 2020?


Since coming into office, the Coalition government has set in motion the most wide-ranging reforms of the police in over fifty years. These reforms have coincided with a challenging financial environment with police forces experiencing a 20% reduction in central government funding for 2011-12 to 2014-15.

The choices that Police & Crime Commissioners and police forces make over how they respond to these changes and challenges – in particular the budget reductions – will play a significant part in determining how policing is structured and delivered in 2020 and beyond.

Yet to date there has been very little debate about what type of police service we need in 2020 to successfully serve the public in the fight against crime and disorder.

This research paper is a contribution to that debate. It is an attempt to raise the gaze of decision makers in policing by putting forward a view of what successful policing in 2020 may look like and is designed to spark a debate that will inform current decision-making.

This launch event is a key part of that debate, which we hope will continue over the coming months. To facilitate this, the event will include an extended Q&A session with the panel of expert speakers. A light breakfast will be provided.

Danny Shaw | Home Affairs Correspondent | BBC (Chair)

Alex Marshall QPM | Head of ACPO Futures and Chief Constable | Hampshire Constabulary

Professor Tony Travers | Director of LSE London | London School of Economics

John Torrie | CEO | Steria UK

Edward Boyd | Crime & Justice Research Fellow and author of the report | Policy Exchange

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policing 2020: what should policing in england & wales look like in 2020?