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16 April 2014 | Max Chambers on Would That Work Here?

  • Max Chambers, Policy Exchange's Head of Crime & Justice, appears in BBC Radio 4's Would That Work Here? episode on Norway's prison system. Norway's rehabilitation-focused prison regime has Western Europe's lowest rate of reoffending, at just 20%. Asked whether a similar system could ever work in the UK, Max argued that there needs to be a balance between public acceptability and what may be the most effective form of rehabilitation.

  • 15 April 2014 | Ofsted: not fit for purpose

  • The Association of Teachers and Lecturers cites Policy Exchange's Ofsted report, Watching the Watchmen, in the cover story in their monthly magazine. They cite the report's findings that lesson observations are unreliable and should be scrapped, that inspectors lack the necessary skills to make fair judgments and that Ofsted should radically reduce or abolish the number of inspectors contracted to private outsourcing companies.

  • 14 April 2014 | Criminals agree community sentences are soft

  • The Times quotes Max Chambers, Head of Crime and Justice at Policy Exchange, following a recent study by the Ministry of Justice which reveals that offenders see community service orders as a soft punishment. Max argues that unpaid work requirements should be far more demanding and intensive and he stresses that we need a competent probation system with a focus on compliance in order to prevent re-offending. 

  • 14 April 2014 | Teachers demand code of conduct for Ofsted inspectors

  • The Independent cites Policy Exchange's Watching the Watchmen report in article on the ATL's annual conference. They cite findings from the report that Ofsted lesson observations are so unreliable that flipping a coin would better determine the level of teaching quality in schools.

  • 14 April 2014 | Now even criminals say community sentences are a soft option - and half face NO consequences for not turning up

  • Max Chambers, Policy Exchange's Head of Crime and Justice, is quoted by The Daily Mail commenting on new research by the Ministry of Justice which reveals that community service orders are too soft and do not deter criminals from re-offending. Max reiterates calls from our Fitting the Crime report for community punishments to be made more demanding and intensive.

  • 08 April 2014 | Britain hailed as 'the Mo Farah of the global race' as IMF predicts fastest growth in G7 of 2.9% in a vindication for Osborne

  • Ruth Porter, Policy Exchange's Head of Economic and Social Policy, is quoted by The Daily Mail calling Britain “the Mo Farah of the global race”, following IMF predictions that UK growth will be the fastest in the G7. Ruth stresses that the ‘global race’ is a marathon not a sprint, and that while our flexible labour market has helped the UK to weather the economic downturn more than most, we must raise our ambition further.

  • 04 April 2014 | Government 'at risk of losing its way' with digital strategy

  • Wired covers a recent event by Policy Exchange and EMC on how technology can be used to reinvent government, including quotes from speakers Mark Thompson, Paul Maltby and James Better. The article also cites findings from Policy Exchange's previous report, The Big Data Opportunity, that government could save £33 billion by employing data and technology analytics.

  • 01 April 2014 | Mark Hoban MP: Pensions tax relief should reward those on lower incomes who do the right thing by saving

  • Former Financial Secretary to the Treasury Mark Hoban MP cites Policy Exchange's Help to Save pensions report in his recent article on ConservativeHome. Hoban calls the report "excellent" and highlights findings from the report that many people are failing to save a decent income for their retirement.

  • 31 March 2014 | What government can do with big data – livechat

  • Policy Exchange's report, The Big Data Opportunity, is covered in a livechat by The Guardian on Big Data. They cite findings from the report that the government could save up to £33 billion a year through better use of data. 

  • 28 March 2014 | Self-builders to be given the right to a plot under proposal influenced by think-tank

  • Planning Magazine cite the impact that Policy Exchange report A Right to Build had on the self build policy announced in Budget 2014. The government will be consulting on a new "right to build" giving custom builders a right to a plot of land from councils. This echoes calls from our report for councils failing to hit their own housing targets to have to release land to local people for self-build housing.