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  • 16 April 2014 | Max Chambers on Would That Work Here?

    • Max Chambers, Policy Exchange's Head of Crime & Justice, appears in BBC Radio 4's Would That Work Here? episode on Norway's prison system. Norway's rehabilitation-focused prison regime has Western Europe's lowest rate of reoffending, at just 20%. Asked whether a similar system could ever work in the UK, Max argued that there needs to be a balance between public acceptability and what may be the most effective form of rehabilitation.

  • 15 April 2014 | Ofsted: not fit for purpose

    • The Association of Teachers and Lecturers cites Policy Exchange's Ofsted report, Watching the Watchmen, in the cover story in their monthly magazine. They cite the report's findings that lesson observations are unreliable and should be scrapped, that inspectors lack the necessary skills to make fair judgments and that Ofsted should radically reduce or abolish the number of inspectors contracted to private outsourcing companies.

  • 14 April 2014 | Criminals agree community sentences are soft

    • The Times quotes Max Chambers, Head of Crime and Justice at Policy Exchange, following a recent study by the Ministry of Justice which reveals that offenders see community service orders as a soft punishment. Max argues that unpaid work requirements should be far more demanding and intensive and he stresses that we need a competent probation system with a focus on compliance in order to prevent re-offending. 


  • 10 April 2014 | The boardroom debate needs to move beyond gender

    • Emily Redding, Financial Policy Research Fellow at Policy Exchange, outlines the main arguments in her report, Board Rules: Improving Corporate Governance. Emily argues that the focus on making boards more gender representative has skewed the debate away from how we can get more people with a diversity of appropriate skills and experience onto boards.

  • 07 April 2014 | Living standards and the recovery: the difficulties with defining income groups

    • Steve Hughes, Policy Exchange's Deputy Head of Economic & Social Policy, responds to a recent report showing that the middle class has weathered the fall-out from the financial crisis relatively well. Steve argues that the report's findings and recommendations show how difficult it is to properly define parts of the income distribution for specific interventions. Instead we would be better off cutting National Employers insurance in order to stimulate hiring and wage recovery.

  • 04 April 2014 | Primary Assessment and Accountability Reform

    • Annaliese Briggs, Policy Exchange's Education Research Fellow, responds to the Department for Education's recent publication detailing reforms to primary school assessment and accountability. Annaliese argues that we are likely going to see a wholesale change to the structure of measuring pupil progress over the next couple of years, because current National Curriculum levels are vague, subjective and unreliable.

Press Releases

  • 14 April 2014 | Lord Wolfson: Great garden cities will be great for growth

    • Simon Wolfson, who is offering a £250,000 prize for the most innovative ideas on how to build a new garden city, today backed the Government's plans for garden cities as an important tool in securing the future of the British economy.

  • 14 April 2014 | New Garden Cities: Finalists for the £250,000 Wolfson Economics Prize to be announced on 4 June 2014

    • Simon Wolfson, the founder of the prestigious Wolfson Economics Prize, today revealed that the finalists for the 2014 Prize will be announced at a special event on Wednesday 4 June 2014. The prize asks entrants to write an essay on how they would deliver a new garden city which is visionary, economically-viable, and popular.

  • 11 April 2014 | Give investors a direct say on board appointments

    • A new Policy Exchange report, Board Rules: Improving corporate governance, reveals that the solutions proposed and enacted by the government to drive up the standards of corporate governance among UK companies amount to little more than, “a damp squib”. High profile failings including the inability of Non-Executive Directors to challenge Fred Goodwin at RBS or Paul Flowers at the Co-op highlight the need for urgent action.

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