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  • 22 August 2014 | Tackling crime is key to improving 'sink estates'

    • A leader column in The Daily Express explores issues raised in our recently published report The Estate We're In. The report urges politicians from all parties to pledge to turn around the most deprived council estates within the next ten years, and highlights how decades of neglect and ghettoization have led to acute social problems.   

  • 20 August 2014 | Doctors are told to send fat patients to keep-fit classes in the park: GPs could use 'green prescriptions' instead of medication

    • Policy Exchange's report Green Society is covered in the Daily Mail. The article focuses on the reports recommendation that pilots should be run in which GPs refer patients to non-clinical sources of support to improve their mental and physical health. These could include joining a physical fitness class held in a local park. The patient would pay the standard prescription charge and the Clinical Commissioning Group would fund the remainder of the course, with the class organisers paying the local authority a fee as part of an agreement to hold classes in a public green space.

  • 20 August 2014 | People living near green spaces should pay a 'park levy'

    • The Daily Telegraph covers Policy Exchange's recently published report Green Society. Highlighted in the article is the suggestion that residents should be given the ability to vote on whether to raise a compulsory levy on properties within a set distance from a park or urban green space. The levy would be directed into funding the maintenance of green spaces and exemptions would apply to people unable to afford the levy. 


  • 19 August 2014 | Do we need a specific offence of domestic violence?

    • Charlotte McLeod, Policy Exchange's Crime & Justice Research Fellow, considers whether we need a specific offence of domestic violence. Charlotte argues that a new offence would require extensive consultation, legal expertise and a continued commitment to tackle it.

  • 14 August 2014 | Better with their hands: Getting rid of the stigma around vocational education

    • Policy Exchange's newly appointed Deputy Head of Education, Natasha Porter, sets out what needs to be done to ensure that the Technical Baccalaureate carries as much weight as the A-Level. The Technical Baccalaureate must have tougher entrance criteria, be sufficiently difficult to stretch the most able students, and allow access to some of the best higher education institutions. Only then will it offer a genuine alternative to A-Levels for young people.

  • 11 August 2014 | The Future of Sure Start

    • Policy Exchange's Head of Education, Jonathan Simons, writes welcoming Lucy Powell MP's sensible position on Sure Start centres. Jonathan highlights how the proposals mirror calls from Policy Exchange's Centres of Excellence? report, looking at how to improve children's centres at a time when money is tight.

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