Past Events in:

15 September 2014 | The Too Difficult Box: The Big Issues Politicians Can't Crack with Charles Clarke

  • Policy Exchange is delighted to welcome former Home Secretary Charles Clarke to discuss his new book, The Too Difficult Box. The book brings together a cast of heavy hitters from the worlds of politics, academia and public service, to write expansively and persuasively on some of society’s most insidious problems, too often kicked into the long grass because of their apparent insolubility.

  • 10 September 2014 | The Annual Education Lecture with Doug Lemov, in association with Teach First

  • Policy Exchange is delighted that Doug Lemov will be joining us to deliver our first annual lecture on education. Lemov is author of Teach Like A Champion and the Managing Director of Uncommon Schools, a group of charter schools across New York, New Jersey and Boston with a mission to close the achievement gap and prepare deprived students to go to and graduate from college.

  • 02 September 2014 | Future of the City: Assessing the future of UK financial services and professional services

  • Policy Exchange is hosting a major conference on the issues surrounding growth and the financial sector in the UK. The conference will assess the key issues surrounding the future of the financial services sector in the UK.

  • 07 July 2014 | Rise of the Robots: What skills will we need in the future economy and how do we get them?

  • With computers and robots increasingly threatening to take over ever yet more types of job, Policy Exchange seeks to consider key factors in this debate. How will technology change the shape of the future workplace? What will these changes mean for digital skills? And does this present an opportunity or threat for the British economy as compared with other countries?

  • 24 June 2014 | Brave New World: Is the UK prepared for the future global economy?

  • This event will look at how best to prepare the UK for the future global economy. It will consider key questions such as the fiscal challenges facing the UK in an increasingly globalised world, the effects of global trends in innovation, growth and consumption and how government policy might best facilitate the growth of goods and services exports in new markets.

  • 17 June 2014 | Nudge, nudge: Can behavioural economics help households cut their energy bills?

  • This debate will discuss how policy can harness the potential of behavioural economics techniques to reduce energy wastage in people's homes, and in doing so lower energy bills and cut carbon emissions. Speakers at the event will include energy minister Greg Barker and shadow energy minister Jonathan Reynolds.

  • 16 June 2014 | The Inaugural Disraeli Prize, presented to Hon Jason Kenney MP

  • Policy Exchange was delighted to award Hon Jason Kenney MP, Canada’s Minister of Employment and Social Development and Minister for Multiculturalism, with its inaugural Disraeli Prize. The Prize was presented by Secretary of State for Education Michael Gove.

  • 10 June 2014 | Can Digital Democracy revitalise the interest of a disillusioned electorate? with Rt Hon John Bercow MP

  • As part of our Road to 2015 event series, Policy Exchange is delighted to host John Bercow, Speaker of the House of Commons, to deliver his first speech on digital democracy since the creation of his Commission in 2013.

  • 09 June 2014 | Swift and Certain Punishment: Innovative ways to reduce reoffending

  • American Friends of Policy Exchange is delighted to host Judge Steven S. Alm, creator of Hawaii’s Opportunity Probation with Enforcement (HOPE) programme, for a lecture and discussion on how ‘swift and certain’ punishment can dramatically reduce reoffending.

  • 07 June 2014 | What should the political parties promise on education in 2015?

  • As we approach the next General Election, Policy Exchange is hosting a high profile one day Education Conference to discuss what the political parties should commit to in their manifestos for 2015. We are delighted that the Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove, and the Shadow Secretary of State for Education, Tristram Hunt, have both agreed to give keynote addresses.