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  • Knowledge and the Curriculum

    Ahead of a speech by American education academic E. D. Hirsch, Policy Exchange has drawn together a collection from a diverse range of education policy experts discussing the impact that Hirsch's thinking has had on the curriculum.


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    E D Hirsch and the curriculum
  • Crossing the Line

    Secondary schools should cover the costs of some or all their students who fail to get a C in GCSE English or maths and end up transferring from the school to a Further Education College to take their resits.

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    GCSE English and Maths resits
  • What does the Summer Budget mean for Higher Education?

    Universities continue to defy political gravity, argues Policy Exchange Head of Education Jonathan Simons, with a financially generous Summer Budget.

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    The Summer Budget and Higher Education
  • A Rising Tide

    Free Schools are raising standards for other pupils across the local community, especially in some of the poorest performing schools, as well for the pupils who attend them. A Rising Tide sets out for the first time detailed analysis on the performance of local schools where a Free School has opened.

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    Free Schools

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  • 29 September 2015 | Jeremy Corbyn backtracks on abolishing free schools

    • The Telegraph cites findings from Policy Exchange's A Rising Tide report which show that new free schools, rather than sucking talent from and undermining nearby schools, actually help drag up results in neighbouring schools.

  • 27 September 2015 | Protect free school meals, say doctors

    • Jonathan Simons, Policy Exchange's Head of Education, is quoted by BBC News arguing that pilot studies show that universal free school meals don't have a direct impact on improving BMI or childhood obesity, and are not the best use of money in tight financial circumstances.

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  • 02 October 2015 | Play hard, work hard

    • Jonathan Simons, Policy Exchange's Head of Education, looks ahead at the challenges facing the higher education sector, including: a tightening of funding during the spending review; a re-emergence of tuition fees as a political issue and the potential effects of Brexit on international students.

  • 25 September 2015 | A policy guide to what we can expect from Labour under Jeremy Corbyn

    • Policy Exchange's research units set out in brief what Jeremy Corbyn's leadership could mean for the Labour party in the areas of economics and financial policy; devolution; housing; transport; energy and climate change; and education.

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