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    Developing new crime policies that are cost-effective, evidence-led, and credible with the public.

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  • Boosting London's Frontline Policing

    Glyn Gaskarth, Head of Crime & Justice at Policy Exchange, suggests locating police officers in recently closed London underground ticket offices.

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    Low crime for all
  • Low Crime for All

    In a new report for Policy Exchange’s London-focused research unit - the Capital City Foundation - Rt Hon David Lammy MP, Member of Parliament for Tottenham, and candidate in the Primary to be the Labour Party’s nominee for the London Mayoral Election, makes the case for higher visibility, more targeted policing in London. 

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    Property Crime
  • Taking Its Toll

    Authored by Rt Hon David Lammy MP, MP for Tottenham and prospective Labour candidate for London Mayor, Taking Its Toll says that an unaddressed property crime pandemic is sweeping Britain. Despite accounting for 75% of all recorded crime, the police and the courts have been turning a blind eye, Lammy states.

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    Swift and certain punishment
  • Swift and Certain

    Prolific criminals serving community orders, who break the terms of their probation, could be sent to jail for up to a week under plans that would make the criminal justice system swifter and fairer. Currently 1 in 3 offenders serving such orders fail to complete them. The report argues that replicating the Haiwaiian HOPE probation programme - from which it draws inspiration - could cut non-compliance numbers in half.  Read more

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