Industrial Policy


The British economy faces a number of fundamental challenges if it is to be competitive over the next few decades. Many point to the success of some Asian economies or the German economy as examples of where a modern industrial policy has proven effective at boosting the relative and absolute performance of those economies.  Observers have suggested that Britain should follow their example, with government playing a more sophisticated role in creating the right conditions for economic and industrial growth.

This series of events will consider what such a policy would mean in practice and whether it is realistic and desirable.  It will assess whether claims made for industrial policies in other countries stand up to scrutiny.

The programme will develop the concept of what an ‘industrial policy’ actually means in the early 21st Century. It will consider the relevance of industrial policy to narrowing the North-South divide and creating jobs in towns and cities that have struggled since deindustrialization in the 1970s and 1980s,

In particular, this series of events will ask:

  • How is the UK performing at the moment? Where do we stand using a variety of metrics to measure industrial competitiveness
  • What should a modern industrial policy look like? What is the right way for Government to create a good environment for industry to grow?
  • Where does comparative advantage come from and what is the role of Government in achieving that? How can UK companies remain globally competitive?
  • Can Government play a role in providing the right infrastructure for growth and helping to build hubs or networks to promote growth?
  • How can Government encourage effective R & D spending and ensure that the UK economy and UK exporters benefits from cutting edge innovation?
  • How can the education system ensure that the UK has the skills necessary for the UK to remain competitive? Where do the skills gaps exist at the moment?
  • Can industrial policy help to narrow the North-South divide?

We will bring together key politicians, academics, business leaders, journalists and opinion formers together in a series of cutting edge events to discuss the role that Government can play in creating growth.

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